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Molls is back for another episode of “Plz Advise.” This week’s guest is New York Times bestselling author Kelly Oxford. They answer a few buck questions including one from a caller whose husband’s ex-wife blogs about his family and a 26-year-old virgin who is considering having a Rumspringa moment.

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Safer Sex. Ian McKellen in 1985
Photo: Gemma Levine/Getty


Safer Sex. Ian McKellen in 1985

Photo: Gemma Levine/Getty


     It’s hard to miss this full sized Saturn V mockup while driving into Huntsville, Alabama. It resides in front of the Davidson Center for Space Exploration on the US Space and Rocket Center property. The Davidson Center is home to the magnificent Saturn V dynamic test article, SA-500D, which I covered in a previous post (click here to view).

     This enormous rocket can be easily viewed from over 10 miles away, as seen in the next to last photo in the set. Seeing the rocket in person really puts things in perspective. The staggering scale of it all, not just the rocket, but the power of all five F1 engines, and the distance we had to go to get to the moon. You realize, not just how far you have to travel to get back home, but how many critical steps there are in the fragile daisy chain required for returning safely. And it all worked nine times. We went to the moon nine times atop this beast. Unbelievable.

     One note on the final photo in the set - the larger body of light on the right side of the photography is the planet Mars, the next celestial body we will set foot on, God willing, in our lifetime.

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